The Eyes Wide Open Show

Host: The Redpilled Philosopher
Time: Monday 10pm to 11pm east
Studio: A

Redpilled Philosopher is a name that I use because I was redpilled in 2001. I traveled to the Middle East in 2006, and have conducted many years of research regarding our world’s political economies, and how the New World Order has been planned for many years, and centuries. I enjoy discussing and learning ancient history, racial differences, economics, and also have a love for spirituality. I am blind, which is why I named my show Eyes Wide Open. Are your eyes open? I will be interviewing people who will open the eyes of many. From historical revisionists, to nationalists all over the world, Eyes Wide Open show promises to be a one hour show you will not forget. Packed with information, guests, and fun, come along on this eye opening adventure with me, the Redpilled Philosopher.