Polite Gun Fight

Host: Ed & Aaron
Time: Tuesday 10pm to 12am
Studio: B

A word about Something. In the far, far, far, dark, dark, dark recesses of the Universe there exists nothing. And it’s a lot of nothing! So much nothing that God Himself wonders why He even put so much nothing in the midst of nothing. Move some galaxies closer was a thought some billion years ago but alas it’s too late since Earth started looking around so much. Mapping all the galaxies, hurtling tin cans through the Universe in search of...well if they want a place where nothing happens, here it is! This nothing has yet to ponder the basic problems like where to find shelter, water, food, and warmth here in Nowhereville, let alone the weighty ponderings of “it’s a Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody”. The tiniest atom of some insignificant space junk once filtered through the nothing some millennia ago and boy that was something! But that was all. Sure, some photon packets whiz by but that barely counts at all. Then Something happened! Ed and Aaron decided to talk to each other and have others listen. Yes this was a great idea because people would surely line up just to hear the discussions they have had previously with only the government listening in on their home landlines. Pat and Susie listened for oh so long without being able to share it with anyone. Talk about a dead-end job. And I also feel bad for Pat and Susie. But what would Ed and Aaron talk about for 2 hours? Well what wouldn’t they talk about?! Pat often wondered if his dry toast might have a better run if he could scrape it across the mouthpiece in just the right rhythm. And poor Susie has spent her retirement savings researching how to teach men to have just one interesting point while attending ballet. Thanks for listening.