Life in the Hologram

Host: Madeline Rudy and Caroline Bell-Tumblety
Time: Wednesday 10pm to 12am east
Studio: A

Do you feel reality is nothing more than a hologram? Are you fascinated by the world of the paranormal occult? Then join the hosts of Life in the Hologram on Wednesday evenings, from 10pm to Midnight EST, as they guide you through this elusive matrix. Life in the Hologram hits hard with some of today’s greatest personalities from astrologers, spiritualists, psychics, healers, as well as top Ufologists and contactees in the world today. Life in the Hologram, It’s time to wake up and stop checking under the bed for monsters.


Madeline Rudy

Life in the Hologram is just one of the many shows Madeline has hosted since joining the global world of radio in 2007. Her cosmic adventure began in the Sedona, Arizona known for its mystical and magical energy. She has over thirty years working as a student of the spiritual, metaphysical, as well as new age. This expanded understanding gives her a global appeal not just too world-renowned guests but to her listeners that follow her show, Life In The Hologram as well as her social media outlets worldwide.

Madeline took a leap of faith and vacated the “corporate world”, embarking upon a second career in alternative healing. As a spa owner, she gained years of knowledge in alternative healing while working out of the hotel industry as an esthetician and massage therapist. As if her resume wasn’t enticing enough, she is also a hypnotist, Reiki Master, an Inter Christ Channeling Teacher, WellPoint hypnosis practitioner, as well as fluent working with tuning forks and light tools. Searching for more and on a quest for her true mission in life, she closed her spa in Pennsylvania and embarked on a magical journey traveling from Florida to Arizona then to Georgia until finally returning to the place she calls home, Pennsylvania.

During that time, she had the great pleasure of traveling throughout the US with Dr. Valerie. The wealth of knowledge she gained while working the Quantum Vortex Experience has been priceless in her own pursuit for awareness within the Hologram.

Madeline’s days are now filled with esoteric studies, and communication with like minded souls.

Caroline Bell Tumblety

My journey involved looking for answers, because there are questions. Sweat lodges, Moon lodges, Weed walks, Fire walks, Obstacle courses, Life Food Nutrition, Whole Brain Functioning, Body work, Kundalini Yoga, All kinds of yoga, Meditation, Chants, Reiki Master Certification, Tarot cards, Medicine cards, Mystical teachings, Enochian Angelic Initiations, Ra-Sheeba Master certification, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis and more.

I have lived in the USA for 29 years. Today, I am now back living in Scotland, the home of my birth this time around. My hope is to open a facilitation centre here. Scotland, like anywhere else in this world, has a written history full of lies and deceit – misleading its people and having them believe in a confused past – but that is another story.