Adventures of a Feral Hippy

Host: Mona Radler
Time: Monday through Friday 2pm to 4pm east
Studio: B

Who is Mona Radler? That is a question worth exploring. She travels to earth through the rainbow crystal bubbles from the furthest reaches of space and time, across the dimensions through the elements and in harmony with the colors of the Universe. Through her mastery of abstract stream of consciousness Malapropisms, she weaves a web of comic satiric cosmic conversation. Her subjects can range from Norman, the Goose next door, to astrology and Earth changes and into the deep recesses of the soul Matrix. She holds a wealth of knowledge on herbs, plants and astrology, with a special emphasis on da HERB! Her world famous laugh sparks many a sympathetic giggle, and you don't EVER want to miss one of her special passion filled RANTS!!!!! Being that she is the REAL GENUINE FERAL HIPPIE, her topics could go just about anywhere. Join Mona and her guests on ÔÇťAdventures of a Feral Hippie as she touches the Earthly radio waves five days a week, Monday through Friday on studio B at Revolution Radio. Youtube-Channel